Update: 2020. 07. 19

Who Is This Bitch, Anyway?

Marlena Shaw

1,300(税込)+ Shipping Fee

  • Blue Note ‎– BN-LA397-G


  • A1.a Dialogue: You, Me And Ethel 3:17
  • A1.b Street Walkin' Woman 3:03
  • A2 You Taught Me How To Speak In Love 3:52
  • A3 Davy 5:26
  • A4 Feel Like Makin' Love 5:00
  • A5 The Lord Giveth And The Lord Taketh Away 1:05
  • B1 You Been Away Too Long 3:07
  • B2 You 3:45
  • B3 Loving You Was Like A Party 4:17
  • B4 A Prelude For Rose Marie 1:56
  • B5 Rose Marie (Mon Cherie) 4:19


  • media:VG+
  • sleeve:VG+
ブルーノートから1975年発売のマリーナショウの6枚目のアルバム。どの曲も納得の完成度ですがおススメは”Feel Like Makin Love”のスムースなカバーです。絶品。今の気分にぴったりマッチした一曲に仕上がっています。”You Taught Me How to Speak in Love”も捨てがたい、こういうのはレコードで聞いてほしい1枚ですね。(AS)


This is Marina Shaw’s sixth album released on Blue Note in 1975. All the songs on this album are of a convincing level of perfection, but I highly recommend the smoothness of “Feel Like Makin Love” cover. Exquisite. It’s a song that fits perfectly with my current mood. “You Taught Me How to Speak in Love” is also hard to forget. It’s one you should make a point to listen to. (AS)

Soul / Funk