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Welcome Home


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  • ILPS 9355


  • A1 Sunshine Day
  • A2 Welcome Home
  • A3 Densu
  • A4 Chooboi (Heave Ho!)
  • B1 Do It (Like It Is)
  • B2 Right Now
  • B3 Seaside-Meditation
  • B4 Uhuru
  • B5 Kolomashie


  • media:VG+
  • sleeve:VG+


69年の結成から現在もメンバーを変え活動する英国出身のアフロファンクグループ、オシビサ。本作はヒット曲Sunshine Dayを含む75年にリリースされた6作目のスタジオアルバム。ピンクフロイドのアート作品でも知られるIan Emesのジャケも秀逸なコレクターズアイテム。(Koichi Sakai)

Osibisa is the Afro Funk band formed in 1969 in the UK. They have had the member change but are still touring all over the world. This is the their 6th studio album including the hit number Sunshine Day. It is the must for collectors that it includes masterpiece artwork by Ian Emes who is know for the Pink Floyd’s original animator.
(Koichi Sakai)


Jazz-Funk , Jazz , Fusion