Update: 2020. 07. 19

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C Cat Trance

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  • INK 33


  • A1
  • Dalbouka
  • A2
  • They Made Them Up
  • A3
  • She Ever Does
  • B1
  • Jamais
  • B2
  • I Looked For You
  • B3
  • Cold
  • B4
  • Two Worlds


  • media:VG+
  • sleeve:VG+
Medium MediumのメンバーでもあったJohn Rees Lewisを中心としたエスノ・バンドのアルバム4作目。東欧、トルコのモダンファンクのエッセンスが盛り込まれた一作。特徴的なリズムで構成されるB1 Jamais、4ビートに乗った変則的なメロディーのB2 I Looked For You. バレアリックなトラックが揃う一作。,


Led by John Rees Lewis, who was also a member of Medium Medium, this is the fourth album by Ethno Band. This album is filled with the essence of modern funk from Eastern Europe and Turkey. Listen to B1 “Jamais” with its characteristic rhythm and B2 “I Looked For You” with its anomalous melody on 4 beats. A collection of balearic tracks.