Update: 2020. 07. 19

Master Drummer From Ghana

Mustapha Tettey Addy

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  • Tangent Records (2) ‎– TGS 113


  • A1 Nafana Gbain Drums
  • A2 Dagomba Drums
  • A3 Ewe Atsimivu
  • A4 Ga Master Drum
  • A5 Ashanti Ntumpani
  • A6 Fanti Osode Drum
  • A7 Ga Gongs
  • B1 Kpanlogo Drums And Song
  • B2 Gome Drums And Songs
  • B3 Oo-Ya


  • media:VG+
  • sleeve:VG
“西アフリカはガーナの首都アクラ出身のマスタードラマー、Mustapha Tettey Addyが録音した72年発表のアルバム。ガーナに多く存在する部族ごとのリズムや、クパンロゴやゴメ、トーキング・ドラムなどガーナ特有のドラムを使用したアカデミックな要素
たっぷりのパーカッションアルバム。”(Koichi Sakai)


Mustapha Tettey Addy, is a master drummer from Ghana’s capital, Accra in West Africa. This album was released in 1972 and was recorded by Addy. The album is full of tribal rhythms that existed in Ghana, as well as Kpanlogo, Gome and talking drums. It has academic elements with idiosyncratic drums.

World , African