Update: 2020. 07. 29

Les Cloches Du Temple D’or De Bénarès

Jean-Marie Grenier , Unknown Artist

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  • BAM ‎– LD 5.751


  • A1 Les Cloches Du Temple D'or De Bénarès 6:20
  • A2 Le Mendiant À La Flûte (Bénarès) 2:10
  • A3 Tintamarre Du Temple Des Singes (Bénarès) 1:45
  • A4 Psalmodie Des Moines, Monastère De Swayyambunath, Népal 2:30
  • A5 Chant Des Réfugiés Thibétains Dans Une Fabrique De Tapis 2:00
  • A6 Orchestre De Mariage À Kathmandou - Népal 1:00
  • A7 Musiciens Ambulants Dans Une Rue De Patan (Népal) 1:10
  • A8 Orchestre Funéraire Kathmandou 1:00
  • B1 Orchestre De Temple (Cochin, Kerala) 6:30
  • B2 Orchestre Et Chant Dans La Grande Mosquée De Fatepur Sikri 5:00
  • B3 Chant De Pêcheurs (Kerala) 2:20
  • B4 Chants D'enfants (Kerala) 2:30
  • B5 Ghuru Psalmodiant (Cochin) 2:00


  • media:VG+
  • sleeve:VG+


Recorded locally in India and Nepal. It was released in 1972, but the recording itself was made in 1969. (A1) Somewhat less busy than romantic, the sound of temple bells echoes through the streets as people pass by, talking. A scene of dust dancing on the brick-colored Varanasi in the evening light comes to mind. Listening to the same bells as the locals, cows and tourists of that time, I felt that for some reason I wanted to go back, even though I had never been there before. Other than that, there are festival songs, children’s songs, and voices chanting Buddhist prayers. (takeichi)

Field Recording