Update: 2020. 09. 29

Fire Stars Dances

Piero Piccioni

3,500(税込)+ Shipping Fee

  • General Music ‎– GML 10013


  • A1 Fire Stars Dances 17:25
  • B1 Warsaw Concerto 5:28
  • B2 Prelude To Love 5:00
  • B3 You Never Told Me 5:16


  • media:VG+
  • sleeve:VG+

ファシスト政権の時代を経て映画音楽の作曲でキャリアを確立したピアニスト/オルガニストのPiero Piccioniの1979年リリース作品。A面は贅沢にオーケストラが奏でるディスコ組曲。元ネタはアレクサンドロ ボロディン曲を18分の出し惜しみ無し! 300本以上のサントラを手掛けた名人のファンクは細かな所まで楽しめるアレンジでグルーブも太い!(Yamada)

Released in 1979 by pianist/organist Piero Piccioni, who established his career in composing film music after the fall of the fascist regime. The A-side is a lavishly orchestrated 18-minute Alexandro Borodin disco suite! A master with over 300 film soundtracks to his name, Piero’s funk is thick with grooves and arrangements that allow you to enjoy every little detail! (Yamada)

Soul , Funk , Disco , Soul / Funk