Update: 2020. 07. 19

Das Kabinet/La Belle Et La Bete

Bill Nelson

3,600(税込)+ Shipping Fee

  • Cocteau Records ‎– JCD 4


  • Das Kabinett: The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari
  • A1 The Asylum
  • A2 Waltz
  • A3 The Fairground
  • A4 Doctor Caligari
  • A5 Cesare The Sonambulist
  • A6 Murder
  • A7 The Funeral
  • A8 The Sonambulist And The Children
  • B1 Caligari Disciplines Cesare
  • B2 Caligari Feeds Cesare
  • B3 Caligari Opens The Cabinet
  • B4 Jane Discovers Cesare
  • B5 The Attempted Murder Of Jane
  • B6 The Dream Dance Of Jane And The Sonambulist
  • B7 Escape Over The Rooftops
  • B8 The Unmasking
  • B9 The Shot
  • B10 The Cabinet Closes
  • La Belle Et La Bete: Beauty And The Beast
  • C1 Overture
  • C2 The Family
  • C3 Sisters And Sedan Chairs
  • C4 In The Forest Of Storms
  • C5 The Castle
  • C6 The Rose And The Beast
  • C7 Magnificent (The White Horse)
  • C8 Beauty Enters The Castle
  • C9 Beauty And The Beast
  • D1 Transition No. 1
  • D2 Transition No. 2
  • D3 The Hunt
  • D4 The Gift
  • D5 The Garden
  • D6 Transition No. 3
  • D7 Transition No. 4
  • D8 The Tragedy
  • D9 Transition No. 5
  • D10 The Enchanted Glove
  • D11 Tears As Diamonds (The Gift Reverses)
  • D12 The Beast In Solitude
  • D13 The Return Of Magnificent
  • D14 Transition No. 6 (The Journey)
  • D15 The Pavilion Of Diana
  • D16 Transformation No. 1
  • D17 Transformation No. 2
  • D18 The Final Curtain


  • media:VG+
  • sleeve:GD
YMO作品へのギタリストとしての参加でも知られる、高橋幸宏の元妻の再婚相手Bill Nelsonの二枚のアルバムがそれぞれに入った2LP。どちらも映画のサントラとして作られたもので、Das Kabinetはドイツ表現主義を代表する無声映画カリガリ博士、La Belle Et La Beteは美女と野獣のものです。美女と野獣は、このレコードをリリースした彼自身のレーベルCocteauの由来であるJean Cocteauも映画化しているので、おそらくそのヴァージョンのものだと思います。彼の音楽性は独特なので表現しづらいのですが、New Wave/ Experimetal/Drone/Minimal/Ambient/Soundtrackあたりのキーワードが気になるひとは聴いてみては。かっこいい曲がたくさん入っています。(naka)


Bill Nelson, the remarried partner of Yukihiro Takahashi’s ex-wife, is also known for his participation as a guitarist in YMO’s albums. This 2LP contains two Nelson albums, both of which were made as movie soundtracks. Das Kabinet is a representative of German Expressionism’s leading silent film, Dr. Caligari. La Belle Et La Bete is from Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast is the origin of his own label Cocteau, which released this record so I think it’s probably that version. His musicianship is so unique that it’s hard to describe, but New Wave/ Experimental or keywords like Drone/Minimal/Ambient/Soundtrack are interesting and if they pique your interest, you should give it a listen. It has a lot of cool songs. (NAKA)

Experimental , Ambient