Update: 2020. 09. 29

Counterpoint / TEST PRESSING

Ralph MacDonald

2,500(税込)+ Shipping Fee

  • Marlin ‎– MARLIN 2229


  • A1 I Need Someone 7:44
  • A2 You Are In Love 5:40
  • A3 Tell The Truth 4:52
  • B1 Discolypso 6:20
  • B2 Always Something Missing 4:34
  • B3 East Dry River 6:59


  • media:VG
  • sleeve:VG

T.K. Discoの常連、Saturday Night Feverのサントラにも楽曲を提供するなどディスコの黄金時代を支えたニューヨークはハーレム出身のパーカッショニスト、ラルフ・マクドナルドのサードアルバム。ソウルフルなI Need Someone、スチールドラムが冴えるトロピカルなDiscolypsoなどパーカッションブレイクがB-Boyにはたまらない一枚。(Koichi Sakai)

Ralph MacDonald was a percussionist from Harlem, New York, who was a regular at T.K. Disco and provided music for the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. The percussion breaks on this album include the soulful “I Need Someone” and the steel-drummed, tropical Discolypso, which is a must-have for B-Boy listeners. (Koichi Sakai)

Soul , Funk , Soul / Funk